How To Survive College in Canada

Wow. 4 years in college. Doesn't it sound intimidating? To me, 4 years ago, it wasn't that much of a big deal because I really needed to graduate and get that diploma. But halfway through it, it became scary. I mean, I'm halfway through but why does it seem so overwhelming now? I was ready… Continue reading How To Survive College in Canada


My Weightloss Plan: March 2018

Hello readers! 😀 Recently I have been starting a lifestyle change since the start of March, and yes, it's a health journey towards weightloss/ fitness! I've decided to blog my weightloss plan so that the people who follow me would know what I have been doing as well to lose weight. I'm still on my… Continue reading My Weightloss Plan: March 2018

A Year of Change

It seems pretty late to start a New Year's Resolution considering it's the second week of February already. But Hey, it's never too late to start fresh. I'm currently contemplating if I should start working on my Assignments that are due in the upcoming week but this article just couldn't be put off much longer.… Continue reading A Year of Change

Seneca Leadership Day 2018: An Experience of a Lifetime

There comes a time in one's student life where, as it gets further into the end of the race - which is graduation, a student questions oneself if they had experiences worthwhile during the time of their stay in college or university. These were the questions in my mind after I woke up this morning,… Continue reading Seneca Leadership Day 2018: An Experience of a Lifetime

Writing prompt: Do you have an ex you would ever consider dating again?

Yes I do, of course. I only have one ex-boyfriend, but I do have a bunch of exes, that includes ex-crushes, ex-MU's and ex-and-whys - the ones that were "almost" but I was never enough. Amongst all of them, I would consider dating my ex-boyfriend, my first love. Because no one really ever topped him.… Continue reading Writing prompt: Do you have an ex you would ever consider dating again?

Five Years in Canada

December 8 has passed and as I reflect upon my 5 years of living here in Canada this December ( I arrived Dec 8, 2012), I realized a lot of things especially in the context of living life after my experience in university. As most of you may know, I lived in the Philippines more… Continue reading Five Years in Canada

I’m Ready To Love Again

Despite all the talks of saying I will become a rich single tita, I am still pretty lonely. I’m surrounded with a lot of people, diverse and varied, people whom I love and loves me back but it would be nice to belong to someone, and someone to belong to me. As some of you… Continue reading I’m Ready To Love Again

Why I will succeed in life

I know what you’re thinking. This may sound like a conceited title but to let you know, I’ve been feeling a little down lately since I have been thinking how I am behind most of my high school batchmates in obtaining my diploma/ degree. It’s been roughly about 9 years now since I graduated high… Continue reading Why I will succeed in life