My Weightloss Plan: March 2018

Hello readers! 😀 Recently I have been starting a lifestyle change since the start of March, and yes, it's a health journey towards weightloss/ fitness! I've decided to blog my weightloss plan so that the people who follow me would know what I have been doing as well to lose weight. I'm still on my… Continue reading My Weightloss Plan: March 2018


Life in Pictures: Days Full of Sunshine

Summer is nearly coming to an end and what better way to send off this beautiful 2017 season than a throwback post of my summer life in pictures! ❤ We tried the budol-budol or Boodle fight at Tinuno to start off my June. It was a day off from my work at a call centre… Continue reading Life in Pictures: Days Full of Sunshine

Bacon And Eggs

I hate you. I hate how you make me feel – how I feel butterflies in my stomach whenever you’re around how I get distracted in doing well in my work when you pass by how you make me weak just by smiling. I hate you. I hate how I think about you every single… Continue reading Bacon And Eggs