FabFitFun Spring Box 2017

My FabFitFun box finally arrived yesterday and I'm so excited to let you guys see what's inside this box. My unboxing is posted on my facebook page and if you want you can see the whole process of me introducing the stuff on my youtube channel. Without further intro, here are the items on this box!… Continue reading FabFitFun Spring Box 2017



  It's been a week now since I decided I will start to be healthy. It all started when some random Jadine fan I got into an argument online with pointed out on my recent pic how I need to exercise more which dawned on me that it was her subtle way of telling me… Continue reading #ProjectTrimDown

How To Be Single, Only Better

As a certified Single Gal in the Big City, here are proven ways to keep your life happy and joyous as you journey through life being the wonderful single human you could ever be: 1. Me Time: Get to know yourself better to reach your full potential Being single means more time to being the… Continue reading How To Be Single, Only Better

Get To Know Me

Here's another random survey I've seen from f*ckyeahsurveys on Tumblr. I wanted to make another article, and I did, but instead of posting it on my blog I posted it on my twitter using the TwitLonger app since I didn't want to make my blog have a (sort of) sentimental vibe to it. So here's a… Continue reading Get To Know Me

Joy Comes with the Morning

This is a testimonial I did during the weekly Prayer Meeting in our church last August 20, 2015. The Lord has been good to me through a miracle during the toughest time in my life and I would like to share to you his goodness. A Psalm of David. A song at the dedication of the… Continue reading Joy Comes with the Morning

Teenage Craze: The Fashionista Times

I noticed I've been playing a lot of fashion games lately. I don't know what is the exact cause that sparked my fashionista sense again but I think maybe I'm just inspired by how summer brought back my tastes of clothing. Thank God for Summer! Growing up I never did imagine myself to be enthused… Continue reading Teenage Craze: The Fashionista Times