Rich Single Tita for life?

Yesterday I had a heart to heart talk with my dad. We were talking about how expensive it is to live in the city and might want to relocate later on in the suburbs. I told him, he and mom might do so since it'd be better for them to live somewhere where it's peaceful,… Continue reading Rich Single Tita for life?


Writing Prompt: Have you ever made a friend with, or fallen in love with, someone you met online?

This is sort of a personal question, but I will gladly share to you my experience, for writing’s sake. 🙂 During my first few months in Canada specifically in 2013, I decided to do online dating. It was a fun experience, that time Tinder wasn’t booming yet it was only OKCupid and other dating sites… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Have you ever made a friend with, or fallen in love with, someone you met online?

Make Up: NYX Perfect Filter

I immediately fell in love when I saw this palette! It's perfect for Spring! The colours are pretty similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. Here are the first look I made from these colours: I used the peach, orange and burgundy tones to create this look. I will update this post the… Continue reading Make Up: NYX Perfect Filter

My Skincare Routine

A lot of people have been asking me what my skin care routine is. Honestly, it's not much but here are the products and tips that I use to keep my skin bright and clean: Exfoliate - Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the… Continue reading My Skincare Routine

FabFitFun Spring Box 2017

My FabFitFun box finally arrived yesterday and I'm so excited to let you guys see what's inside this box. My unboxing is posted on my facebook page and if you want you can see the whole process of me introducing the stuff on my youtube channel. Without further intro, here are the items on this box!… Continue reading FabFitFun Spring Box 2017

Tres Jolie Ipsy Bag 2017

I finally got a hold on my Ipsy bag after nearly 3 weeks of waiting! Here it is! I'm excited because it's my first (and not hopefully the last) subscription bag. However, I decided to unsubscribe after I got this bag for the time being because I don't have income to subscribe for it per… Continue reading Tres Jolie Ipsy Bag 2017


  It's been a week now since I decided I will start to be healthy. It all started when some random Jadine fan I got into an argument online with pointed out on my recent pic how I need to exercise more which dawned on me that it was her subtle way of telling me… Continue reading #ProjectTrimDown

Thoughts: Being Single

I often times hear people say that being single means you're just unlucky in love. I also noticed that some people wine about being single wishing that they would want to be in a relationship so they can be “happier”. I also heard a saying “Guys only go for dumb girls. Smart women turn them… Continue reading Thoughts: Being Single

Movie Review: La La Land

The City of Angels, City of Stars. I was fortunate enough to visit this city even for a short while and truly it is a magical place. But I’m not going to talk about my experience in this city though, I’m going to talk about this beautiful movie of the same name.  It’s my now… Continue reading Movie Review: La La Land