Dear 19 Year Old Me

Dear 19 year old self,

Graduation is coming and you are almost there. But you’re feeling anxious right now, down and dismayed because your family isn’t there with you at the moment. You have all these tests to study for, graduation preparations, group research assignments, your extra curriculars, don’t forget your bills to pay for lolo’s medicine, and that certain something unexpected that hit you – a broken heart. Stress is coming at you in all sides, but instead of choosing to fight it head on… you opted to flee.

I understand what happened to you. You were burned out trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of you, trying to please people, be somebody else just so they could like you. You were supposedly just a normal teenager but you were trying to be an adult for everybody’s sake that you lost yourself. So you gave up and decided to venture the unknown.

Well I just want to tell you, my younger self, that it’s okay.

It’s okay that you gave up at that time because you were burned out.
It’s okay that you fled instead of fighting stress head on.
It’s definitely okay that you trusted God on your decision of treading unknown waters.
It’s okay.

Because look at you now, look at me now.

Sure, you were bruised, broken and at your lowest point when you began again.
Sure, you trusted people who couldn’t be trusted and they broke your heart.
Sure, you became a laughing stock because of your circumstances.
But still, it’s okay.

Because now, yes you graduated,
but you have become stronger, you are more powerful, you know better, you are loved, you are blessed.
And it’s all because of JESUS.
He makes everything beautiful in His time.

If not for your faith, to be honest my younger self, you might have gotten astray. But you chose to follow Him despite all. And that is something that no one can take away from you – your love for Him.

So stand tall my 19 year old self, chin up and look at the sky.
Your bright future awaits you.


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