Moving Forward

It’s been almost a week since I had learned that I will be finally graduating. Aside from that there have been a lot of things that have transpired and are coming my way this year that I have to prepare for. Which is why today I am trying to process everything by making a blog article about it. I decided to name my article “Moving Forward” since I had a realization during our life group that I had been stagnant for 6 years here in Canada, wishing that things will be the same as when I was in the Philippines even though I have been going to college and wandering around exploring my new homeland. I was still pretty much homesick. This time I will plan my coming days so that I will start anew and “move forward” to new horizons and beginnings. Here we go.

Although my birthday was two months ago, I never stopped celebrating my quarter life and I plan to celebrate it the whole year since it is a very special milestone. I thank God, as much as I can every single day, that I am alive and that He has given me 25 years of existence and hoping for more years to come in this world. Although March and April has been gruesomely stressful because it is my final year in college, the end result was remarkable because I learned that I will be graduating finally. Even though the ceremony will be on June, I already started to pamper myself with experiences like going to see the Cherry Blossom at High Park and the flowers at Edwards Gardens as symbolisms for this blooming stage of my life. Since May is Spring time, I will use this time to rest for a while but at the same time do my responsibilities and prepare for our upcoming trip to the Philippines in July. I will also use this time to communicate with my mentor and do all necessary things to ensure my spot in the membership of HRPA, because I plan to take my CHRP when I come back from the Philippines this summer. In June, I will dedicate my time to prepare for the convocation, but prior to that we will be moving houses on the 23rd so I will also prepare for that. In addition, our chorale group the Bahandi will be having both concerts here in Canada and on July in the Philippines, so my family and I are practicing double time because we have a lot of things on our plate as well. In July when we come home to Pinas, it’s going to be my grandmother’s 90th birthday, so the family is preparing for special numbers and all the things needed to make July 26 a special day.

After our vacation in July and I have settled well at home, I will take the Microsoft Specialist Certification exam as needed for me to be equipped in finding a job later on. I will probably do it by August. After that exam, my dad and I will prepare to take the Canadian Citizenship exam sometime in August as well hopefully, if not, then on the first to second week of September. During September I will take my CHRP exam as well. That way I have a month in August to prepare for my exam. I will then find a job after I had taken all of these challenges because my OSAP returns will start in November. And when every important exam is done, I will take my LLQP so I can be a licensed financial advisor. Though I am not sure if I can take this exam by this year, it is an option.

So that’s my plan for 2018. It’s pretty hectic and requires a lot of money but I hope I can take the heat. After all, God is with me, He provides, and surely I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me.


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