A Year of Change

It seems pretty late to start a New Year’s Resolution considering it’s the second week of February already. But Hey, it’s never too late to start fresh. I’m currently contemplating if I should start working on my Assignments that are due in the upcoming week but this article just couldn’t be put off much longer. I need to write this article because I also want to remind myself that I NEED TO CHANGE. So here’s my list of things that I need to change this year:

  1. My attitude towards responsibility

I have always been a happy-go-lucky, laid back type of person. I just go with the flow (even though some people don’t really know this because they think I’m a Type A personality) but yeah, I’m very lazy and just waiting for the apple to fall from the tree – I need to change that. This year I am going to be more productive. I have been starting to be productive now actually. I’m taking a lot of extracurricular activities, attending workshops and doing my best to manage my time wisely. I’ve also been doing a lot of chores at home and taking care of my family. All in preparation for when I decide to leave my nest in the future – which is not soon though because it is unlikely lol

2. My tendency to daydream

Wake up, Denise. It’s time to seize the day! Carpe diem! I need to stop daydreaming AND sleeping once in a while because reality is far better than my dreams now. I’m going to graduate soon, go back home in the Philippines for a Vacay, and I’ve been overcoming my illness ever since! God is good! If I keep this up (Daydreaming and sleeping), I won’t be able to adapt to the change when I start working which is not good. That’s why I have to set my alarm up to 8 in the morning so I can wake up and fix my food, exercise and be ready for the day. It has to take discipline because the pain of discipline is easy than the pain of regret!

3. My bitterness towards love

Alright I get it. I’m bitter. That’s true! I have always been bitter towards love which is why I put up defense mechanisms saying I’m concentrating more on my career than finding a partner in life. I have been 10 years of being single because I intimidate other guys (which I find empowering in a sense) and I scare them away of my intelligence. I admit I can be very dominating BUT it takes a right guy to counter it right? Oh well. However, I am also afraid of love because I don’t know if the right guy will be able to love me the way I am, flaws and all. And when I mean flaws, BEING CRAZY and all. I just have to trust God to what His plan is for me and in the process love people as I love myself.

4. My perspective on health

Before, I used to eat a lot of bad food. And when I mean bad, those that are not good for my body – junk food, sugary, high acid, high sodium, fatty and high in cholesterol type of food, I eat these because those are what are cooked at home. But I have to discipline myself now because I’ve just been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol at 24 years old. I’m scared of my life because I have a history of heart ailment and I don’t want to undergo a stroke at the early years of my adulthood. I need to exercise and change my diet. I also have to tell myself that I really need to do this because HEALTH is WEALTH. It is necessary and I have to make the necessary changes like eat vegetables most often and avoid those bad food that I mentioned. Not to forget, EXERCISE as well. This is the year to do just that!

And that’s it for now. The list may change in the coming months as I discover myself more and as I journey through 2018. How about you? What do you want to change this year?





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