Writing prompt: Do you have an ex you would ever consider dating again?


Yes I do, of course. I only have one ex-boyfriend, but I do have a bunch of exes, that includes ex-crushes, ex-MU’s and ex-and-whys – the ones that were “almost” but I was never enough. Amongst all of them, I would consider dating my ex-boyfriend, my first love. Because no one really ever topped him. Of all the guys I have met in my life, he is the one thing constant – that means he constantly makes me motivated to become a better person. He is very inspirational, you know – a leader, an outstanding student, an achiever, a good-natured person and most importantly, God-fearing.

Even though I may not be “number one” in his life anymore, he will always be number 1 to me. Although I have nothing against this, because tbh it really has been 10 years since we last broke up and definitely he is dating someone new, I am fine with it I guess. It’s just, well you know how first loves are, they never really leave your heart, they just stick. He is my biggest regret because I broke up with him over a petty thing – which I told him that we needed to break up because of our studies but the truth is I broke up with him because I was jealous he is always so friendly with other girls. I know, I was petty.

To this day, I wonder what if I just held on and never let go? Still, if I have prolonged it, if we broke up later, I wouldn’t be friends with him compared to now that we are still friends through ups and downs. I mean, when I had my breakdown, he was understanding enough to still be friends with me even though I’m basically crazy and a freak now. To be honest, being friends with him is better, I guess. That way, there’s no room for breaking up as friends because there’s a bond. Unlike if you’re girlfriend or boyfriend, there’s a chance that you might end up together but there is also an unlikely chance you won’t.

So if you ask me if ever I would consider dating an ex, I won’t date him – my ex-boyfriend- because I still want him to be in my life and I, in his life. I’d choose friendship over relationship, any day. I hope he does too. Always. ❤


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