Five Years in Canada

December 8 has passed and as I reflect upon my 5 years of living here in Canada this December ( I arrived Dec 8, 2012), I realized a lot of things especially in the context of living life after my experience in university.

As most of you may know, I lived in the Philippines more than half of my life so far – I left my home country for Canada when I was 19 years old, I’m 24 now. It was due to reasons out of my control, but I guess most of you know already what happened. When I stepped here for the first time, I was so relieved that I get to be with my family again, not minding the challenges that were ahead of me. I was optimistic though but naïve. I thought that the world was this place where you can easily make it because I am an achiever and I can definitely win at life. Boy I was wrong.

I thought that because I was equipped enough since I was an honor roll in high school and a leader in university that I can be able to single handedly reach my dreams. But I was met with unexpected challenges that made me become insecure and doubt myself. I still have those until today but mind you, because of the experiences that I have in these past 5 years, it made me stronger and wiser.

Even if you were the valedictorian or the brightest student in class when you were in high school or college, no one can ever be ready for what life brings you after you graduate – especially if it brings you failure. That’s why the most important tool for success is foundation and failure, at least that is what I observe it to be. If not for my failure in life, I wouldn’t have found my true niche – that is in human resources. If not for my foundation of faith, I wouldn’t have stood up from my challenges and come out wiser and stronger than ever before.

I will be graduating next year (2018) from Seneca College, one of the most prestigious business colleges here in Toronto, not as an achiever but as a warrior. To be honest, it was really difficult for me to juggle my personal life, part time work here and there, and my academics but HEY, at least I’m well-rounded. Which is what you really need to be when you go out there in the real world. You have to multi-task and handle time management. We are not spoon-fed here, unlike when I was in the Philippines where mom and dad were there to help me immediately when I fall down. Here, you gain independence on your own and conscientiousness – which is the ability to be responsible for your actions. Honestly, I have learned a lot, my thinking is globalized and my faith has been stronger than ever before. And I am most grateful to the good Lord God for making me fail in university. Even if people find me as a dumb person because I failed, I consider it as strength because I gained a lot – my new attitude and characteristics that molded me into who I am today – A wise and strong daughter of the Most High.


3 thoughts on “Five Years in Canada

  1. I think you can learn so much about yourself from failure and it’s clear from your post that you already know this. It’s so wonderful that you’ve embraced that and found what is right for you. As always, a lovely read! Thanks for sharing!


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