How I came to love Cold Sprouts

There as once a show in Disney Channel  called Suite Life of Zack and Cody that I low key loved because I was slightly amused by the plot, and like any other Disney fanatic, it was because it gave me a sense of imagination since I was just a normal kid going to school and going home every single day there wasn’t much of a thrill. What made me interested in watching the Suite Life was because once, Troy Bolton aka Zac Efron was a guest star there and he had quite a romantic thing going on with Maddie aka Ashley Tisdale, it was cute! From then on, whenever I would watch that show I had always hoped that there is a crossover between High School Musical and Suite Life. I don’t know why that was my logic but hey I was just a kid. The twins that starred the show were Zack and Cody but guess who appealed to me ever since I was a kid? It was Cody, yes. I liked Cody because not only is he hilarious, he was also a smart kid. I had a little crush on him then but was kind of disappointed when they made him have a girlfriend in the show. And because I was just a kid, you can’t do away with jealousy. After that time when they made him have a gf, I wasn’t that much enthusiastic in watching the show since then.

I didn’t know much about the names of the twin actors back then and had no interest in knowing either but that all changed in 2012 when I discovered Cody’s blog on tumblr. I had then discovered his real name which is Cole Sprouse, and his twin brother is Dylan Sprouse. What amazed me is how profound and witty Cole is much like his character Cody in Suite Life. This was when I started to like his persona, well at least on the internet. “Coleture Concept” was the name of his blog, and it had a lot of sass but as well as it had depth. One that would keep you thinking. It was also the basis of my own little experiment – Unscripted Segment – where I record some of my ideas and realizations on soundcloud, in youtube and/ or any other form of media where I could just let out what I was thinking and feeling at that time without any edits, much like what he did on that blog. And mind you, I was feeling A LOT of emotions because I was kind of depressed. You know what they say, “Write what you know”, so I did just that. Thanks to Cole I was able to vent out all my frustrations and ideas and wasn’t able to keep it all inside.

Fast forward to recent times, just last year actually (2016), a photo of Cole in a Milo Thatcher of Atlantis costume went circling around, not only on tumblr but on facebook and twitter too and I was ecstatic because people finally see that he is “sorta” good looking. I say sorta because I wasn’t that much convinced he is the next Leo De Caprio with his physical qualities yet. However, when I discovered he will be Jughead in the upcoming Riverdale series, I was scared, not because I was doubting his capabilities but because people will discover his innate charms that I have known for in years. And what I dreaded became true – people love him – and this time, on a bigger scale.

I sound kind of a hopeless romantic don’t I? But to be honest I can’t help it. I can’t help falling in love with his persona, even if it’s just in the internet. Realizing that he is good at photography after learning his Instagram, my heart raged with nothing but love for him. And all the more with his humour when I learned of his twitter and those wits! He uses words and phrases only a true blue educated personality could acquire. With these traits, I am left to ask two questions, Why did God make him so perfect? And where can I get a Cole Sprouse of my own?

Suffice to say, in my standards in the least, he really is the Leonardo Di Caprio of my generation. And my love for him, as much as I don’t want to admit, will not falter since he is the epitome of the man of my dreams, even if it’s just on the internet.

P.S. I know I’m delusional and a weirdo for saying I’m in love with Cole Sprouse, but aren’t we all? 🙂


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