As usual, I’m late with trends. I just recently watched Riverdale season 1 and I am at episode 10 after a long hesitance of supposedly watching it when it became a huge hit. But because I was scared it might sink me into its deep web of romance/drama addictiveness (along with the fact that Cole Sprouse is acting on the show), I opted to not watch it before. Now that I’m enamored by it, my theory holds true – it is addictive. I supposedly have a test today but my brain cannot resist this newly coined term that is “Bughead,” which consists of 2 of the main characters of the series Betty and Jughead, and their undeniable chemistry and cuteness on the show! I think what makes them appealing compared to Varchie aka the Veronica and Archie couple is because these two beautiful souls found refuge in each other when everything was falling apart in their lives (as what any drama series depict) – with the Coopers seemingly break up as the plot thickens and Jughead’s dad’s platonic plan with regards to Jason Blossom’s death, at this point I don’t know because it’s 3 episodes shy of the finale though. Bughead appeals to the masses because of two tormented characters – one the good girl next door with a dark side and a homeless angsty teen with a heart of gold. These two polar opposites magnetize each other because of their differences but in a way similar since both are sleuths, with a thirst of curiosity. As I watch episode 10, I am smitten, nay, in love with the couple as they blossom and continue to support each other despite their indifferences. I just hope Jughead’s insecurity doesn’t get the best of him though. I heard there’ll be a third love interest in season 2 to shake things up between them. But I think they won’t waver. If they do, and either of them falters, I may never look at Bughead the same way again since I can therefore say I’m finally a fan of the couple. So, NO TO THIRD PARTY LOVE INTERESTS PLEASE to the makers of the show. I would like to continue my fanaticism on Bughead since my psuedo lovelife is a sham. Hahahaha.



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