Why I will succeed in life

I know what you’re thinking. This may sound like a conceited title but to let you know, I’ve been feeling a little down lately since I have been thinking how I am behind most of my high school batchmates in obtaining my diploma/ degree. It’s been roughly about 9 years now since I graduated high school as salutatorian, but truth be told, I am a shiftee and I was a college dropout in the Philippines before coming to Canada. However, I am inspired to write about succeeding in spite of my circumstances when I saw this TEDxTALK video of Amy Cuddy and how after surviving a car accident when she was 19, her IQ dropped and she too couldn’t finish college in time and was behind her peers but eventually she did and even got into Princeton and eventually Harvard! Talk about GRIT. Now I’m not saying I will want to become like her, going to Ivy league schools and all that, but what inspires me is how she got back up after her circumstance. So here’s to why I believe that I will succeed in life:

  1. I’ve encountered failure

They say that the road to success isn’t a straight path. It’s a trial and error basis. You may try to go to another path and end up going back to the same spot, or go to an entirely different direction. But eventually, if you try and try again, you will go to your destination. These are the failures that you have to encounter before succeeding. I believe in my heart that because of my failures in the past, like dropping out in nursing school because of a failed subject, it will make me stronger and have had made me wiser actually in dealing with life in general because of that experience.


  1. I am responsible

At an early age, I was tasked to be a role model for my brothers. Not only that, was expected to be responsible since I am the eldest of my siblings. I won’t lie, there was a time in my life where I was frustrated as to why I had to carry this responsibility. So I acted out. My character was revealed and I resorted to a different path, partying, disobeying my parents, basically rebelling. But what I realized is that in the end, your true self will rise up. I eventually became more responsible than ever before because of my past experience  and here I am today, juggling in being a good daughter, good sibling, a good student and a good friend.


  1. I’m a victor

At this certain age, I’ve already won a lot of challenges/ battles between myself. I’m proud to say I’m a victor because I’m constantly battling with insecurity of my mental health issue. I don’t want you to identify me as a crazy person though. But I am not ashamed of voicing out my circumstance because it made me who I am today, stronger, bolder and unashamed. I believe I will succeed because I have a victor mentality instead of having a victim mentality.


  1. I am understanding

Part of being an effective person is seeking to understand, than to be understood. I learned a lot as being the mediator of my family. I am the eldest of three siblings, the only girl and I have two lovely parents who are also as human as can be so definitely they aren’t as perfect as well. I’m in the middle, judging from the generation gaps, the millennial, and as the only girl, my natural instinct is to understand others compared to my boy brothers. I have practiced enough that is why my course greatly interests me since I am going to become a Human Resource professional later on and I will deal with people. I’m passionate about listening and I believe it’s a underestimated strength.


  1. I believe that God is in control

Call me naïve if you may. Or even foolish (for those who are non-religious). But there is a God. And I believe that He is going to use me for greater things. I believe in His purpose for my life that I will have a bright future (Jeremiah 29:11). I am hopeful that everything that happens to me conspires to making me the best that I can be and that I don’t have to worry because He is in control. That is why I am going to succeed, because He is in my heart and I have the passion in me to live my life what is pleasing to Him.


Before I close this article, your definition of success may be different from mine. My definition of success is being happy and contented, surrounded by my loved ones and having to spend my life not begging for money, clothes or shelter – basically if I have a roof over my head and I can spend food for my plate, that is success to me. Oh, and savings! He he. So how about you? What motivates you to succeed in life?






One thought on “Why I will succeed in life

  1. Love your positivity and honesty! As always your writing really shows you have a wonderful sense of who you are. I don’t think this comes off as conceited at all, I think it’s quite empowering. For me, success usually comes with feeling challenged. I don’t like to be idle and so often times being busy with things I enjoy doing (even when it’s work) is key to my success. It was great kind of reflecting and thinking on that, thanks for sharing. x


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