If you could go back in time exactly 10 years and give yourself some advice, what would you tell yourself?

August 22, 2007

Dear 14 year old Self,

I know you are busy preparing for your performance number for the Centralian Star contest right now. You’re doing your very best to not let your parents down and to have those points for extracurricular activities. You’re pressured since you’ve been practicing for a good whole month for these performances. I just want to let you know how proud I am you are trying to go out of your shell and showing the world your God given talents. Do your very best and have fun during the contest. You’re scared because you have stage fright, I know but God is with you all the time. You will win it; you’ve won it actually on the day of the contest itself.

Let me tell you, after you’ve won, your life will change. People will call you The Centralian Star and you will feel honored but stay humble as you are because God gave you that blessing. However, never forget the day when you won because that will be the best feeling that you will experience so far in your life. The next few months will surprise you. That boy you’ve been secretly having a crush on will know who you are and sometime December you’ll see one of the best fireworks display you have ever seen because it’s with him. But my advice to you is, after that night on the 7th, don’t talk to him ever again. Why? Because he will only make you fall in love with him even more and it will haunt you 10 years after because you will never find someone as good as him.

Don’t text him, call him, talk to him and you’ll thank your stars you’ve dodged a bullet of being in a relationship during your early teens. Your break up will greatly influence your life since you’re a bit of a sensitive person. However, you must always… and I mean always remember who you really are. That you are beloved child of God, not The Centralian Star 2007, nor someone’s ex.

Remember who you are in Him and in the next coming years, you will stumble and fall a few times but you will stand strong and firm because your Identity is with Christ. The world will try to influence you but you will end up being victorious in Him because God is with in you. Never forget that.


Your 24 year old self.


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