Life in Pictures: Days Full of Sunshine

Summer is nearly coming to an end and what better way to send off this beautiful 2017 season than a throwback post of my summer life in pictures! ❤

We tried the budol-budol or Boodle fight at Tinuno to start off my June. It was a day off from my work at a call centre and I ate there with my good friend Melanie.

Oysters. Ahh. My all-time favourite dish. Since I had a job that time, I was always going back and forth to Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill to eat, well, talaba! It was scrumptious!

My girl friends Melanie and Faith ate at the event called Summerlicious and it was splendid! We went to Cafe California and ate a three course meal under $30. Worth it.

On that same day we went to Graffiti alley in Queen Street and did an impromptu photoshoot. Then in the afternoon we took a cruise at Harbourfront centre and we got to see Toronto’s skyline after a very long time.

The next week after that we did a photoshoot in the most iconic places in Toronto – Brookefield Place. We had so much fun taking pics that the couple who were before us on that spot decided to call it quits since we were taking too long lol.

Me and my brother went to Niagara-on-the-lake with our church mates and we stopped by the outlet mall where I bought this cute top from Forever 21. I’m also holding my new purse that I bought from Kate Spade which is a black nylon bag.

Dad bought a new car! It’s the Toyota RAV4 2017 Special Edition AWD. It’s his gift to himself and for the family as well. But to be honest we really needed a new car since our old car broke down and had a wide scratch on the right side. Thankful to the Lord for the blessings!

This TORONTO sign picture was taken on the day where we went Pinoy celebrity hunting. I was with Carel and Melanie. Carel had luck taking a pic with Kim Chiu, and although I saw Erik Santos, I wasn’t able to take a pic with him or any celebrity at all. Oh well, better luck next time.

Sashimi! I can’t remember how many times I’ve eaten sashimi for the last three months now. It’s been my go-to dish aside from oysters. I’ve been going back and forth at Midland so I always eat at Nigiri Sushi. They have affordable Japanese cuisine which is awesome!

The 150th Birthday of Canada during Canada Day 2017. We went to Muskoka at Deerhurst and watched the fireworks along with our Bahandi family. It was such a memorable experience.

During our stay in Muskoka at the resort in Deerhurst the next day, I went paddleboating! I’ve always wanted to try that. But because of my weight I wasn’t able to hold on much longer and I was afraid I might fall so it was only a good 15 minutes, haha.

The book I am reading for the summer is Rules of Civility. It’s a good book about the lifestyle of a young promising girl in the 1920s Manhattan, juggling life and career as she reaches her dreams. Good read.

This was me before an interview for UHN Volunteering, which now thanks to God I was accepted and am volunteering at Princess Margaret Hospital. I wonder why though I always end up in a hospital, may it be personal circumstance or professional. Maybe it’s my calling? Maybe.

At the start of August we went to a beach! Finally. It’s called Grand Bend and although it was raining and the waves were big, our short but sweet escapade was memorable.

There you go. My recent life in pictures. How about you? What’s the latest in your life?






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