5 Things I Learned in my 5 years in Canada


It’s been a heck of a roller coaster ride living here in Canada but it’s worth it! And to celebrate the 150th Birthday of Canada, I created a list of 5 things I learned in the 5 years of me living here.


  1. Doing everything yourself means improving yourself

When I was in the Philippines, we had these “helpers” at our house who would basically help us in doing our chores and errands. Here in Canada when I first came here I admit we as a family were having a bit of trouble designating the responsibilities in the house. But as time goes by, even if we were doing things by ourselves individually, we improved skills-wise – cooking, cleaning, fixing, etc.

  1. Opportunities are endless

Comparing to my life in the Philippines, if I was still staying there I would have been a nurse. Why? Because it’s a ticket to go abroad. But it wouldn’t be what I really wanted to do as a living – which is being in Human Resources. Here in Canada, opportunities are endless. Even if you’re trying to find a work in healthcare or business, etc. there are always jobs available.

  1. Politeness is important

Saying “Thank You” or “Please” and just being courteous is a must here. Back home I remember doing so people will find you as “too nice” or “plastic” if you are showing that you are nice because it’s better to be “taray”. I like living here in Canada since people are naturally nice. Even in the streets you could see people smiling back at you or if you dropped your wallet there will be someone who will call you and return it back.

  1. Everyone is equal

People are treated equally and by that I mean whether you’re a guy, a girl, Filipino or Caucasian, there is no “status priviledge”. Like if you are rich and famous, a mediocre person could still buy a branded item or a car if they are hardworking. A janitor can even buy a house in the city. Unlike back home, you need to be mestiza or chinita so that people can recognize you and is considered as a privilege to be successful (usually in showbiz). But here in Canada, you’re considered beautiful in your own way whether you’re tanned or white-skinned.

  1. Success is being happy and contented

Yes this is what I love about living here. Success isn’t having riches or being famous. Success is being happy and contented with your life. A lot of rich people here are living the simple life. They don’t showcase their wealth or try to become famous for being rich. They just practice being happy and contented. That’s what I hope to be when I reach my dreams in the future.


So there you have it, I hope in the coming years as I explore this beautiful country I will include more list of things that I have learned in living here. I hope you liked my write up!


‘Til next time!






2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned in my 5 years in Canada

  1. As someone who has lived in Canada her whole life this was a really cool read. I love that being polite made it onto the list, it made me giggle a little bit but it’s definitely a defining characteristic here. Hope your life in Canada continues to be great. Thanks for sharing! x

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