Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

This is a long overdue post that was supposed to be published shortly after July 1st of 2017. But since I had so many things to do I wasn’t able to publish it. So here it is!


For the celebration of the 150th Birthday of Canada, we the family and a bunch of our family friends firstly went on a trip to Sante-Marie among the Hurons to learn a bit of history of this beautiful country.

We then went to our rooms in our hotel to prepare for the upcoming night which was the main event for July 1 – Canada Day: the Fireworks display. The place that we decided to go was at a resort which was in Deerhurst, Muskoka.

After we had a bit of relaxation, we then proceeded to the Fireworks display which was supposed to start at 10pm. We were just in time but we were as well as pacing because we came from a different hotel and we only went there to see the fireworks. Haha.

The fireworks was uhmaziing!

The next day we spent the day at the beach in Deerhurst, we ate food, laughed and had a great Fellowship! I also tried paddleboarding for the first time! It was scary but thankfully I didn’t sink. haha!

To end the day before heading back to the busy life of Toronto, we ate ice cream at the downtown of Huntsville, took pictures and just really had fun under the sun!

And that was our celebration of the 150th birthday of Canada! Pretty memorable if you ask me. Now, for the most important part of this article, my expression of gratitude for this country:

Oh Canada, to be honest I never would have imagined myself living here too early 5 something years ago. I was 19 and was having a different life back then. Most of you already know my story, how, metaphorically, I was holding at one hand my future in the USA and the other was a syringe. Yes, back then I was supposed to graduate as nurse, but things changed drastically. Also, I was diagnosed with a condition naked to the eye. Oh well, moving forward here I am now stronger than I was back then because of experiences. I thank the Lord, first and foremost for always picking me right back up whenever circumstances arise. My family for being my pillar, my foundation, my rock and for being there to support me in my decisions in life. And lastly, this country since I never would have been a warrior, an unapologetic but fearlessly authentic strong woman, if I never stepped foot on this utopia. Sometimes I feel like I need a relationship so that I could feel complete, but to tell you the truth, I already feel whole because of these blessings in my life. My life is indeed blessed in this country and for that I am forever grateful.


In closing, I just wanna say I’m so blessed to have witnessed this milestone in our beloved country in this lifetime! 5 years in Canada and more bountiful years to come! Thank you, Lord God! 🙂




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