Writing Prompt: Have you ever made a friend with, or fallen in love with, someone you met online?


This is sort of a personal question, but I will gladly share to you my experience, for writing’s sake. 🙂

During my first few months in Canada specifically in 2013, I decided to do online dating. It was a fun experience, that time Tinder wasn’t booming yet it was only OKCupid and other dating sites I kind of forgotten. I was 20 then. I was experimenting because I just got my heart broken by someone I left in the Philippines. I wanted to forget the person by meeting someone new, someone better. But honestly, the experience scarred me in some way.

I met this guy, his name: Brian. Or Bryan. I kinda forgot if it was a “y” or “I” but I just wanted some companion at that time – to heal my broken heart. We did a lot of things together, dates more often after my work at a call centre. We went to see the city, rode in his car driving during the night time, just joy riding. One time I let him come to my house to pick up something, but I didn’t know my parents were there so it was a surprise to them that I made a new friend who was a boy. He wasn’t my boyfriend though. But he was acting like one. Call it the 500 days of summer experiment. Coz it was actually summer when that happened. For a good three months we dated until that fateful day came when we were sitting in a park after a stroll in the city where he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I said no.

I was surprised he even said that to be honest. I thought we were “just friends” because he would treat me like I was just one of his girl friends. Like poking, annoy me and such. Though I really didn’t have feelings for him, I was just in it for the ride.

To this day it scarred me to have broken someone or embarrass someone after that. Because the whole time after that question, he was fuming. He wasn’t talking to me the whole time we got home. He also didn’t respond to my texts after that. Our communication faded away as he ghosted me thereafter. I can say, it was just an immature relationship between the two of us and I never want to do that again.

So here I am 4 years after, still single since that day. I vow to stay single until I meet someone worthy of my time and efforts.

I may not have fallen in love with the guy but I hope that answers my question for this writing prompt.

‘Til the next time.





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