It’s been a week now since I decided I will start to be healthy. It all started when some random Jadine fan I got into an argument online with pointed out on my recent pic how I need to exercise more which dawned on me that it was her subtle way of telling me how fat indeed I am now, I was 189lbs to be exact. Only 11 lbs more and I’ll be on the 200 lb mark. I needed to change.

Before, I was hesitant to exercise because I was depressed. But now that I’m okay, there’s no reason for me not to exercise because I have a lot of spare time and it’ll just be a waste if I spend it surfing on the internet which wont help me the least. These realizations cave in my mind as I was about to sleep on Feb 25, 2017. I guess New Year’s Resolutions start in February and not January lol. Anyway, I decided to cut my hair short the next day to remind myself every single day how fat I am and that I needed to lose the weight even for the slightest bit per month.

This is how I look like now (this was taken after a zumba workout):


At this rate, I am 185 lbs after more than a week of eating clean and exercising. But I still need to lose more if I want to get out of the overweight zone of the BMI scale and have a normal body weight for my age and height. It might take me a year. Yes, a YEAR. But I have to keep going no matter what.

So here are the steps I am going to make in order for me to do that. These are all gathered information by the way and feel free to follow it as well and let’s work it out together!

  1. Daily calorie count – since Feb 25, I’ve been counting my calories. Not to lie, it was a good start but then it got rocky especially because I live with my parents and we have more guys than girls so naturally our food and food intake is patterned with what the guys like to eat, which are usually unhealthy ones. But thankfully my mom also wants to eat clean, she decided we’re going to eat healthy from now on for my sake. My calorie count as of now is 1200 per day because I want to see a change in my scale. I will eventually put it up to 1350 kcal per day after I see results in 4 weeks. 1200 is just too low, but it will do, for now.
  2. Daily exercise – If I have time, I will go to the gym for an hour of exercise: 30 mins on the treadmill, 8 minutes on the cross trainer, 8 minutes on the bike, 8 minutes on triceps, biceps and abs, 8 minutes for stretching and 6 minutes cool down. If I am at home I usually do 30 minutes of Zumba. If I am in a hurry, 8 minutes of Tae bo. Anything to keep me going and not stuck in a rut from this sedentary lifestyle of mine. Honestly, it’s okay if I don’t get the results of trimming down right away. Just being healthy is okay for me.
  3. Eating clean – this means no pork, red meat, processed foods, sugary drinks except for cheat days. Also, the food shout be in moderation and have portion control which is 50/20/20. It’s better to eat food with fruits and vegetables in it as well. For the time being, for 3 weeks, I will not eat rice except for dinner. This is how a typical lunch should look like: IMG_20170306_112134_769[1]
  4. Motivation and determination – I know I will need a lot of this and in the long run I will definitely have some hurdles and distractions that will hinder me from my goal but I have never been this HUNGRY for success for a long time now. I will and can do this!

There you have it, my little blog post regarding my #projecttrimdown. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride but I will get there. Praying to God I will be able to reach my goal of 155 lbs in 4 months. Let’s do this!



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