Thoughts: Being Single


I often times hear people say that being single means you’re just unlucky in love. I also noticed that some people wine about being single wishing that they would want to be in a relationship so they can be “happier”. I also heard a saying “Guys only go for dumb girls. Smart women turn them off.” Really? I’d rather be a smart woman and know what I deserve than to ever dumb myself down for a guy (trust me, changing yourself for a guy never works out). I’m not saying girls who are in relationships are dumb, but sometimes they do lose themselves for an unworthy guy, thus they jump from one relationship to another from time to time. That shouldn’t be. Ladies, we should know our worth. Honestly, I had my share of times when I thought that way but in the end I realized, being single (and for a long time at that) takes a lot of sacrifices, courage and strength, but is fulfilling. Think about this, you have such strong sense of self that you don’t need anyone to complete you because you complete yourself! No, it’s not sad, it’s actually brave. Being single can also mean more time to spend with people you love dearly and who love you as well like family and friends, and no one will bother you weather you spend more of your time with others rather than just that one person. So cheers to all the single gals out there – we may be alone but we’re not lonely. We’re just enough. ❤


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