Movie Review: La La Land


The City of Angels, City of Stars. I was fortunate enough to visit this city even for a short while and truly it is a magical place. But I’m not going to talk about my experience in this city though, I’m going to talk about this beautiful movie of the same name.  It’s my now favourite movie of all time. It surpasses The Proposal now. From Emma Stone’s singing to Ryan Gosling’s piano, the jazzy numbers and songs, the broadway feel, the plot, and oh the ending. It’s just perfect! Love love love it! ❤

Just thinking about the story makes me giddy. Aside from the cinematic aspect, the reason why I love this movie is because I learned a lot from it. That a great love story may not have a happy ending together.

Here are some realizations I gained through watching this movie:

  1. Love has seasons.

During the movie, it illustrated how their love’s journey started during summer and ended during fall. It’s the same thing about meeting a person who will eventually become our love life. It has a season. That season may only be for a time being, may extend long, or eventually take up all the whole moment of our life – aka your true love.


  1. Your soul mate may not end up with you.

Mia and Sebastian were made for each other.  Both are artistic, ambitious, and romantic. They also complement each like a perfect harmony. Mia even tried to love Jazz when she didn’t love Jazz before and Sebastian got out of his comfort zone to improve his piano/ synth skills and not just love Jazz. They were a match made in heaven, but alas they didn’t end up with each other. At one point in your life you may meet someone who can complete you, but he or she won’t be your true love.


  1. You can still pursue your dreams even after the break up.

When both of you have dreams when you were together, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll die along with your lost love. Learn from what had happened and make those mistakes as a basis to improve further in life. Don’t get stuck! Move on and move up.


  1. Regrets only make you bitter not better.

One thing that was nice about this movie is how Sebastian still cared for Mia when after their break up he still pushed Mia into pursuing her dream of becoming an actress, even going out of his way to go to her hometown just to tell her she has an audition! If he had not done so, both wouldn’t have realized they needed to wake up and follow their own dreams – which in the end did happen, they both got what they wanted with Mia being an actress and Sebastian having his own jazz club.

I assure you, if you watch this, especially for the single people out there who are ambitious but not lonely like me, you will love this movie because it’s realistic. It depicts the relationships nowadays, not to mention those that are professionals. It’s just priorities are different now than before. And this movie will wake you up.


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