Makeup: Winter Look for 2017

Since it’s 2017, I decided to try a new look for my everyday makeup. I decided to go for a “Dusty Rose” theme since it is kind of a trend these days. Here are the ingredients I used to achieve this look.

  1. Maybelline The Blushed Nudes


I’m using the darker pink shade on the second row, second to the last for the base.

2. Covergirl #TruNaked


I used the third to the last shade of brown for the undertone and to make my eyes a little bit darker.

3. Revlon Burnished bling


I used this to make it have a glitter effect in the middle of my eyelids.

4. The Face Shop Designing eyebrow pencil


I used the dark brown color and made it into a box around my eyebrows to create korean-inspired eyebrows.

5. Essence Waterproof eyeliner and mascara


6. Revlon Coral Reed blush


7. NYX Whipped Caviar matte lipstick


Lastly, my most favorite make up accessory of this look is this lipstick. It’s the perfect mauve/ dusty rose shade for this winter. I just really love it.

There you have it, my winter makeup look for 2017. Stay tune for more! ❤





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