2016 Year End Celebrations

December 2016 was one for the books! The whole month was a great big celebration starting from dancing to a nightclub to ending the year with a fun New Year’s Eve party in church! It was definitely a blast! Here is my December celebration:

  1. First up: A night of fun-filled dancing and booze! I really missed this. It’s been 4 years since I went clubbing ‘coz ever since I stepped here in Canada – that was when I was 19 years old – I didn’t have enough friends or connections who’d want to go clubbing. Back in the Philippines I would always go with friends during Fridays or Saturdays because it was a safe place and I had safe friends. Here, I don’t know what will happen ‘coz it’s my second home. But nevertheless, if I didn’t try I’ll never know right? Luckily this friend I went with, her name’s Jessica, we only met once but I instantly knew she was fun and friendly. I never regret going out. So we went to The Fifth Social Club which is, coincidentally a place where a face youtuber of mine who is Terry He sometimes go to. I went there and had so much fun in a long LONG time! I danced with a bunch of strangers and let out my *cough* sexy side. Hahaha. It’s definitely something memorable.

2. The Sunday after that fun Friday, I sang for the Lord at our monthly choir ministry which is called the Bahandi at the Hallelujah Fellowship Baptist Church. I wore the same dress but it was okay. No one knew I wore it last friday anyway haha.

3. On the 12th day of Christmas… lol, No it’s not a song. But literally on the 12th day of December, it snowed! I was really happy because it means that we will have a White Christmas that month.

4. December 17 was our Bahandi Christmas Party. There were food, of course, fun and laughter. It was practice day for Salia’s debut the week after that and advanced practice for the January service. As you can see on our wacky faces it was indeed a wonderful fellowship.

5. My friend Melanie and I decided to go around downtown to experience the Christmas feels. First we went to Peace Treats at Ossington Avenue and then we went to the Christmas Market. But alas when we went to the Christmas Market it was closing already. We decided to go the next day but I couldn’t go anymore because I had plans with my family. Maybe next year again.

6. Speaking of plans with my family, it was my littlest brother’s birthday on December 22! We went to Korean Grill because that’s what he wished for a long time now and it was splendid! I was so full. Their beef is just divine so as their salmon. Will definitely come back again next time.

7. Salia’s 18th Birthday Debut Party – the day after having food coma from Kgrill we went to a buffet. Haha. It was okay I guess because well, it’s the holidays anyway. I delivered my speech/ wish to Salia and wished her a beautiful birthday. People were beautiful and handsome as well all dressed up! I also realized I’m really getting old because it’s been 5 years since my 18th debut, haha.

8. Ah, Christmas eve. We spent it with the Escubans. There was, food again, of course and wonderful fellowship from the family. We also sang using Magic Sing Karaoke and drank fine wine.

9. December 25, Christmas day. What better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ than going to church. It was a good thing that Christmas day fell into a Sunday. We were blessed with the message and fellowship around us.

10. It’s near to the end of the year and it’s been too long since the family went to a place all together. Six months to be exact? Ever since school started, we’ve all just been too busy that we didn’t have time to go out together as a family because our schedules won’t match. But this day was special, we were complete! So we went out to downtown and experienced the Holiday feels! We skated at Nathan Philipps Square then went to Eaton Centre to eat dinner. Fun fun fun!!

11. Finally, December 31st – the end of 2016. We spent it in church singing praises and worship to God! We also had an after party which was Gatsby themed. I was too hyped for this because of the theme and the dance afterward. IT WAS A BLAST!

Just to finish off this entry, here’s a few words to finish off 2016 and welcome 2017!


As 2016 ends, I thank God it has been a beautiful year – I tried all kinds of calligraphy, make up routines, exercised more, though I still eat what fancies my taste (Though I became bloated I still maintained my weight for months now haha). But this time it was far different from my previous years here in Canada where I was consumed with anxieties, fears and doubts. This year I intentionally tried to learn more about myself, my family, friends and surroundings. I also learned that not all situations you need to have a reaction and that living peacefully really should start within yourself. I also learned that we need not to compare our lives with other people because their paths are different than ours. That indeed nothing can help us get up from a difficult time but only God and His grace. This year, I thank the ups and the downs, but most importantly I thank God for this only life that he gave me and that every single day I get to open my eyes and see this beautiful world we live in. Looking forward to 2017, I hope the magic still continues and that the spirit of Jesus will still be alive in me and will resonate towards everyone around me, and that I will continue to learn and grow to be what God wants me to be. This I pray, Amen.


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