My Monday Currently: Part 2

Studying – I always have this habit of trying to write while studying. It’s my midterms you see and I’m supposed to face the books but I just couldn’t stop daydreaming. Hence, the blog post.

Listening – I’m currently listening to songs on my soundcloud account. I like the songs by H.E.R. especially Losing and Too Lit by DZL and Akeel.

Loving – I’m loving the apps Beauty Cam and Candy Camera. I’ve been obsessing over it for sometime now. The finished product always looks rosy and dewy. The above pictures shows it.

Feeling – I’ve been out of my mind for days now reminiscing about the past. I guess you can say I’m feeling nostalgic. I’m missing people I should not be missing. You, know the Exes and Ohs. I hope I can shake off these feelings.

Watching –  I’m currently looking forward to this Kdrama called Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. It’s almost finished though I just started watching it last week. I really love the main characters though I heard they won’t have a happy ending, still I ship them in the story and in real life.

There you have it, my currentlys for this monday. Stay tuned for more! 🙂


xoxo, Rikki


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