My Monday Currently


This is going to be a new segment I recently discovered from the blog It talks about all the things you’re currently doing and writing it down. So here’s what I’m currently…

Writing – This blog post and multitasking writing on my other blog talking about past lovers and fuccbois. Check it out if you want.

Listening – Dreams by Jane XO. It’s trap and makes me reminisce my EDM phase. It’s only mellow trap though but it’s dreamy, hence the name.

Doing – I’m also currently studying for Psychology. Took the course as a general elective because I have always been interested in studying human behavior and mental processes.

Wearing – Comfy autumn clothes. An Aeropostale leafy tee with a cardigan and leggings. I’m also wearing my Nike Roshes.

Loving – I’m loving hipster blogs, back to my old love – Tumblr. I want to feed my brain with artistic stuffs to distract myself from my boring life, sigh. Though I need to step it up in life, there’s nothing wrong with arousing myself with the beauty of this world – most especially beautiful minds.

Feeling – happy and sad at the same time. Content and comfortable.

There you have it, my “currentlys”. Stay tune for more! 🙂


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