I’ve Travelled the USA: Now What?

So I just came back from travelling the USA and it was a blast! We went to Las Vegas, Los Angeles particularly Universal Studios and Disneyland, San Diego California Seaworld and the Grand Canyon at Arizona. Here are some pictures below:

It’s a trip where memories last for a lifetime. I’m sure I will never forget the summer of 2016 where it opened my mind to new life changing decisions and I get to see my extended family in the United States. So blessed. Speaking of new life changing decisions, immediately after arriving back home, I decided to take on a part time job so I can buy Go Pro for my future travels. Yes you heard it right. Future travels. I know I told myself that I will never be a travel junkie but going on that trip made me realize that life is too short to just let myself get locked away from the world. I gotta be honest, I was scared back then because of my condition and am still scared that I might go back to my unstable state but fear can never win I realized. The Lord’s goodness and my faith still prevails and it can’t stop me from my destiny. Speaking of destiny, I guess Nursing will be part of my destiny. Even though it will take me years to start working finally, I will be equipped with dealing with life later on through experiencing what it is to be humane and I most definitely won’t be satisfied with just sitting on an office desk. Although my main priority right now is to finish my Human Resources Diploma. With that I have set myself a few short term goals so I can set myself in motion after I was hit with the travel bug:


  1. Work Hard, Play Hard – with play hard I mean travel hard. As I mentioned I recently just applied for a Market Research Interviewer position and am as of the moment praying I will get in for training so I can buy a Go Pro and possibly save for a trip during study week to Punta Cana.
  2. Apply for citizenship – this is for preparation for future opportunities. I’m planning to possibly work in the US in California or even work as a nurse here in Toronto and have better pay for my future travels. I gotta go on that cruise to Europe my uncle mentioned about. I’m near to four years as a Permanent Resident, this year is definitely the time to sign up for citizenship. God willing I will pass. Please, Lord.
  3. Finish the semester – I gotta finish this semester with gusto. And in the long run finally graduate so I can go back to Iloilo and finish my other dream career, Nursing.
  4. Travel to Punta Cana – not only Punta Cana but Maldives in the long run if possible before I turn 30. Or Punta Cana’s just fine to get me through the whole 2 years of studying HR. Anyway, I hope I can save enough this year so I can bring my mom to a place of relaxation as a gift. Lord, please be with me as I reach the desires of my heart.

I thank my parents so much for letting us be on that trip. Even though I won’t be travelling that much like other people, my dream is just simple. To be so inspired with my life that I can live everyday not being scared of the unknown and to help my family live a comfortable life. My first travel in a long time has begun, the rest will unfold itself.


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