Toronto KPOP Con 2016 | Meeting GOT7

God has blessed me more than I deserve. A few days ago, I met the most beautiful faces in all of the world thanks to Toronto KPOP Con. I know I don’t deserve to meet them in person because of personal issues, but it isn’t their fault. Anyway, let me tell you my experience of the Toronto KPOP Con 2016 and meeting GOT7 (my favourite KPOP group) in person.

I woke up at 4am with only two hours of sleep because I couldn’t contain my excitement for that day. It was timing with my family trip for the long weekend but because I had prior plans to attend the TKC2016, I wasn’t able to come to the trip for the family camping. The rest of the family woke up at 4am and because of the noise they were making, I too eventually woke up and wasn’t able to sleep again because, as I said, I was also excited for my event that day. So I prepared myself and my stuff up until 8:30 and I went on my way to meet my friend Katherine to go to TKC at 10. We eventually met up at about 10:30ish.


And so there we were, at the TKC. It was so surreal, seeing a lot of people dressed up and us only wearing t shirt and jeans. I wish I could’ve prepped myself up, I was going to meet GOT7 for pete’s sake! Hehe.

At first we went in to booths section, it was so crowded! They gave us a gift bag with free samples on it. There were a lot of albums and the line up was so long, but because I was on a budget I wasn’t able to buy any. It’s okay though, I can always buy one at Sarah and Tom’s at Korea Town.


Then we checked to see if the Youtubers panel was already starting, it was going to start at 1:15pm but because we were too early we decided to get a snack outside first. We ate hotdogs and burgers that we bought from the food truck outside. It was kinda funny because the food truck guy was teasing us that we were too early for the concert at 8:30pm and it was only 11:30am. Well, the early bird gets the worm right?

After eating we roamed around the convention to see if there are other things we could do, then it was 12:30. So we decided to wait on in front of the room to see if the panel would start early. It didn’t but it was okay. We waited in line until it was time. When we went inside, I saw my all time crush – Terry He! OMG. It as so surreal, he was just so handsome in real life. He was sitting at the table sort of like a king and was making jokes when we came in. He’s hilarious. And so the panel started, all I could see is Terry. Hahah. How long and tall he was and how handsome. We played games and they answered questions. It was informal but was very entertaining.


After the panel it was just 2:15pm, we still had to kill 4 hours time before we come back for the security bag check and for the gates to open. So I accompanied my friend and we went around downtown especially the Eaton Centre and Dundas square. Then we decided to eat dinner early so we’ll be full when watching the concert. I think she enjoyed Toronto as much as I did.


It was finally near 6pm so we headed back to the convention. We sat down on the ground first to charge our phones because the line up wasn’t there yet. When it did, we immediately got in line. It was 6:30 when we were in line and it was sooo long. The time when we finally got to the theatre it was 8pm.


Waiting in the theatre was fun because of the camera man. It was always zooming on people’s faces and it was just so funny because the people who were being zoomed in were also game and were dancing and dabbing and stuff. It was 7:45 when suddenly out of nowhere a bunch of girls started to chant “GOT7! GOT7! GOT7!” and the lights became dim! Their trailer for FLY started to play and then I realized THIS IS REALLY IT, IT’S STARTING.


When the trailer finished, their song GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS started to play. It was a mini concert, after that song were a bunch of their hit songs. Then they went out and Terry He came in, it was a mini talk show.


The mini talk show, hosted by my crush Terry he, was funny and entertaining at the same time. I remember how JB said he really wanted to come to Toronto so he did all that he could to get better. Bambam mentioned Niagara Falls and the Moose and started dabbing all over again. Mark sang Love Yourself OMG. And a bunch of other entertaining things that happened, it is after all a fan meeting. After the mini talk show, they started dancing again except for JB where he was sitting down the whole time because of his aching back. Then after was another talk show, this time there were games and the audience participated. There were lucky fans who got to be able to go up stage and be with them playing the games. Overall, JB won. After all we was the crowd favourite that time.


I was screaming the whole time when they were performing. I was also dancing with them and basically having the time of my life during their show. After the show, all of us in the theatre wished Bambam a Happy Birthday. And then a photographer came out to take a picture of us all dabbing with GOT7. It was so funny and memorable.


Finally, Terry gave us a heads up that the HI TOUCH event was coming up next. So I did what any girl would do – retouch my makeup. We went in line and it was crazy fast! I’m kind of disappointed because I could only remember seeing Mark, Yugyeom, JB and Jackson because my mind went blank when I was hi touching them one by one. I smiled to each and everyone of them actually. I also said thank you. But my friend said I was walking too fast. Sigh. Anyhow at least I got to see Mark’s face. I was surprised that JB was so handsome in person. I couldn’t remember seeing Junior but they said he was the most handsome of them all. I beg to differ. By the way, Jackson was at the end and he seemed to not let go of my hand. Hahaha! It was so funny and kilig at the same time. Yugyeom was tall and had pink lips.


So there you have it. Those were my experiences during the TKC and meeting GOT7 for the first time. I don’t know if there will be a second time though haha. But anyway, it was memorable and I really thank God for letting me experience it. I would’ve been curious all the way if I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see them face to face. I might get the chance again though, when I go to LA this July too! They’re going to LA as well for their concert on the 10th of July. If I’m lucky, I can see them in Disneyland. Haha! Oh well.

‘Til next time!






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