New Fave Lip Swatches Review

My love for make-up has reawakened recently and I just can’t help but adore different lip liquids. It all started when I went exploring on Instagram then came across this video where the girl was placing a lip liquid on her lips, it left me in awe of how pretty it looked on her. I also have seen a lot of pictures featuring Kylie Jenner’s Lip colour collection which made me want to but one but it’s all sold out. So, I opted for the dupes as in “duplicates”, from there, I became obsessed with finding the right shade that I want. Although I don’t have enough money for now, these two lip colours can get me through anything because of its nude tones. Here are the featured lip swatches that I’m wearing in those pictures above:

  1. The first on the right is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood Lip Liquid, it’s the dupe of Kylie Jenner’s Candy K, her favourite. I like it too because of its pink undertone and its nude effect. Perfect for girly dresses and any make up style.
  2. The next one is Kat Von D Lolita II Everlasting Lip Liquid, it’s the lighter tone of Lolita which is the dupe of, again, Kylie Jenner’s Dolce K. I like it because it’s a bit orange-y and is a bit darker in shade. It fits autumn or winter dresses but also can be used for summer styles because of its orange colour.

There you have it, my Lipstick reviews for these two of my favourite lipsticks. Stay tune for my next updates! Toodles.




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