Spring Music Mix


Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve made a music mix. The last one was for winter. This time since it’s a new season, here are my new music to look out for or listen to this Spring. I wanted to name is “Spring Mix” but then I realized it sounded like a mix of vegetables you buy in the groceries, so I just named it “Spring Music Mix.” Here you go:

  1. 2on by Tinashe, Schoolboy Q

This is my first favourite track for this spring music mix. It’s lively and upbeat. Plus I like the artist – Tinashe – she’s my new fave female artist.


2. All my Friends by DJ Snakehips ft. Tinashe and Chance The Rapper

I’ve been listening to Chance the Rapper for a while now and upon knowing he’s featured in DJ Snakehips’ track I was excited all the more! It’s like the total package – great DJ, singer and rapper. This song is a bit mellow and is good if you just want to chill with some music in the bg.


3. Company by Justin Bieber

“Can we keep each other company?” This song has a meaning to me that’s why I placed it on my list. It’s about someone asking another person to keep themselves company just for companionship’s sake. I like it because I’d want to be in the same position as that. Like in relationships, right now, all I really want is a good companion, not necessarily a commitment.


4. Middle by DJ Snake, Bipolar Sunshine

If you want a crossover of good beats, mellow mix and cool lyrics this is it. I like as well the diction of the person singing the song because he sounds like he’s from the UK, which is cool if you listen to it.


5. Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

Lastly, is the newest track of these awesome DJs coming from their hit Roses. The sick drops from this are, well, SICK and I just can’t stop listening to it.


So there you go, the newest line of tracks for this spring. I hope you like it and tune in to my next articles. Toodles! 🙂




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