5 Quirky Life Quotes That Hilariously Describe Your Life

Inspirational quotes are everywhere, but most of the times it’s pretty vague. Let’s face it, we need REAL quotes! One that can describe you and you can really relate to. Not to mention can put a smile on your face while reading it. So here are 5 quirky life quotes that hilariously describes your life:


Had a rough day? Don’t worry it’ll pass. And this is just the perfect quote for it.


How old are you? No, how old are you really? Let’s be honest to ourselves, we can never be mature enough. We will always be little kids inside, just constantly evolving. This quote is relatable because we will still keep on growing no matter how old we are.


Literally, just mumble. It makes the other person difficult to hear themselves, therefore if they say, “Say what?” You’ll have time to redeem yourself and make a quick comeback.


True say. Happiness can be found in the simplest of things.


In the end, what’s life without a laugh? A dull gray sky if you ask me.


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