When I’m With You | Creative Writing


Chapter One

The day I asked for his number from a friend, accidentally.


I can’t believe what just happened. I just borrowed a phone without asking for permission to get digits of a guy. But instead of getting Carter’s number I took his brother’s number instead. *faceslap* I sworn I thought Annie had the number. She has Carter’s number alright, but it’s Luke Carter, which is his older brother’s. I mean, it’s okay right? I can just ask his number from Luke. But I gotta do it without making an ass of myself. Because no one must ever know – that I have a crush on Duke Carter.

I still can remember the day I had feelings for Carter. I call him Carter because I mistook his last name for his first name when I was calling out names for people who were supposed to go to this college school trip. That was the first time I knew he existed. But I guess he already knew me.


“Carter Duke” I shouted confidently.

Then a tall, robust guy with kind brown eyes shyly came up to me and said, “Uh, it’s Duke Carter Miss President.”

I couldn’t find the words to reply back to him so I smiled awkwardly and said, “Oh I’m sorry about that. Duke Carter it is, I’ll just make a note on the attendance. Thanks for letting me know, Carter… Oops.”

It was our first conversation. But he didn’t reply, instead he just smiled playfully like he was amused I said his name again wrong. It’s as if he knows that I was struck by him. If I was any other girl I would’ve said in my head how cocky this guy was. But cocky was my type. So I blushed.

The whole trip was a nightmare dressed as a daydream. When we arrived at the location, I was already stressed with all the things going on – the council, the preparations, the teachers – I was so focused on the what to do during the food giving yesterday that I forgot to make a skit for our presentation for the little children we were volunteering. My secretary, Annie, suggested I should just improvise.

“I know exactly who we need to help with this”


“Duke Carter from the college of Arts and Sciences. He’s the director of the theatre arts in his department. He does improvs all the time.”

“Uh,” I needed a reason to not bump into him again or else I might make a fool of myself again “I think I know what I’m doing. It’s okay, Annie, we can do this.”

“Suit yourself”

The time of the presentation came and it started pretty well…

“There was once a young princess who lived in a tower,” Cue me “But alas, she could never get out because of the dragon that was guarding the place…”


I just tried to do the plot from Shrek, Easypeazy. Everything went fine until we went to the part where the prince was to show up.  Because the council was unanimously girls, I made Annie as the prince.

“Hold on young princess, I will save you!”

A young boy from the audience shouted at the blue saying, “Why is the Prince a girl?”

Shit. I did not think this through. Oh, Procrastination.

There was awkward silence surrounding the room. We needed to get out of the situation and because it was so awkward and I was so embarrassed of the situation, I didn’t have any ideas. Suddenly, someone grabbed Annie from behind and replaced her.

It was Carter.

“Hold on young princess, I will save you!”

I was shocked as he jumped and did stunts with the sword fighting scene against the dragon and everything. He improvised what he was going to say and even made jokes and made the whole room roar with laughter. He was a natural.

Suddenly, he took me from behind and looked into my eyes, he was acting of course.

“Now princess, you’re saved. You’re mine.”

At that moment, as I looked into his eyes and him on mine, I felt like the butterflies in my stomach were having a party. His eyes were the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. Then, he kissed me.

Everyone was roaring, even the elementary kids. That was one heck of a show. And that was the time I knew, he was this one crush that just came into my life with a bang.


Okay so enough with the daydream. What am I going to do with Luke Carter’s number? Should I call or text him? What should I say?

I began typing on the phone.

Hi Luke, I’m Liv can I ask for Duke’s number?

That sounded too aggressive. *deletes convo* I need to sound professional and not creepy.

Hi Mr. Luke Carter, I’m Liv Dennings. I go to school with your brother Duke Carter. I have your phone number from a friend but I needed to contact your brother for a very important meeting coming up on the school student council for a school event. I am asking your permission to obtain contact information of Duke. Please reply at your convenience.

Okay now that sounded well I guess. Kind of nerdy but it’s for the council. Yeah right Liv, for the council and not for your own selfish desires.

After a few minutes of silent torture, my phone finally beeped.

Hi Liv, just got your message. lol

And that’s just it.

Is it an invite to reply or what? OMG what am I gonna do? The brother of my crush is texting me with an “lol” at the end WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!

Hi Mr. Luke, glad you received my text. Good evening.

That’s good. It sounded professional and clear. *sends text*

Another beep a minute later.

What am I a professor? Lol. Just call me Luke.

Okaaaay. This is definitely an invite to a conversation. So I naturally went with it. Minutes later we were talking about our lives, what happened that week and what each of us were doing, any topic under the sun. I never noticed the time went by until I read the clock it was already midnight and HE STILL HASN’T GIVEN ME HIS BROTHER’S NUMBER.

I didn’t want to sound aggressive in asking for Duke’s number so I just let this slip aside and waited for his last reply telling him I need to get some shut eye.


His last text finally.

So do you wanna meet up tomorrow?

Whoa. Well that escalated quickly. I mean, dude you’re nice and all but I really just want to get your brother’s number. Hmm, maybe I can ask him tomorrow when we meet up. Or LIV YOU CAN JUST ASK HIM RIGHT NOW.

But I don’t want to sound pushy so I just let my pride get the best of me and went with it.

Sure. Where do you want to meet?

At Applebee’s around 12pm?

Sounds like brunch.

Brunch it is, see ya.

So I just made a date with the brother of my crush. Blimey.


What do you think will happen next? Stay tune for my succeeding articles regarding this story on Wattpad! Toodles.:)


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