Resolutions for 2016


It’s a new year! And by that it means a new “me”. I know it may sound cliché but it’s going down for real. Although compared to last year I made a Thanksgiving article about my 2015, this year I’m going to make resolutions for a life that has been changed.

  1. Get closer to God

As Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I will make it as a most important note that this year, and onwards, I will put God first and at the center of my life. I know I’m already a child of God but I need to always replenish my soul in thirsting for the Holy Spirit which is why I will get closer to God starting this year.

  1. Do more art

I’ve discovered that art is not only therapeutic but fun as well. On my last post I talked about calligraphy, this time I will venture more into painting, drawing and photography as well. Aside from my hobbies it’s what keeps me sane and I feel more alive when doing so.

  1. Exercise

This is the real deal. I will exercise more starting this year. Not only because of #bodygoals but because of health reasons. The fact that I am going to get fatter because of the medicine that I’m taking saddens me but I will not grow weary. Cardio is going to be my main thing because even though I look “healthy” a.k.a. chubby/ fat, my heart should be the most important aspect of the reason why I should do this. Leggo!

  1. Make new friends

I’m thankful that in 2015 I’ve gained new friends through going to my church. This year I hope I can widen my circle of friends through school and other extra curricular activities. The more the merrier!

  1. Help out in the house more

Since my mom is having a bit of trouble walking due to her aching knees, I need to help her in the house more. It saddens me to see my mom is struggling as well as my dad so I need to do chores, chores and more chores. Ofc with the help of my bros we let teamwork rule.

  1. Study well

I’m near to finishing my 2nd year in college here in Canada so I need to maintain my grades if I want to stay in this program. Although last year was pretty difficult because of circumstances that happened I will not let it bother me because this is a new year and a fresh start.

  1. Write more

I’ve already started my blog but I think I should write a bit more, expand my range. Like writing short stories and interesting articles for my readers not just personal thoughts. Stay tuned for there will surely be more to come in this blog this year!

  1. Stay happy

I need not say more. I’m happy the way I am right now.

  1. Travel

Only thing I can say is, #SOON 🙂


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