Winter Mix

  1. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

What’s a winter mix without any Christmas Songs. This catchy sound mixed with Ariana’s angelic voice is just the right crisp for this Christmas season especially if you want a bubbly tune.


  1. When Love Hurts by Jojo

You can’t go wrong with Jojo. Like my Autumn mix, Jojo’s songs are my faves not only because of her soulful voice but because she always tries to experiment on her music. This time she went for house and she kills it. This song is perfect for dancing the night away for holiday parties.


  1. American Boy by Estelle Ft. Kanye

This is a personal favorite of mine. It’s not only because of the “fancy” hiphop sound by Kanye that I like the song but because of its message. I’d like to one day travel the whole of US and this is just the perfect song for my get psyched mix when that time comes. I hope it comes soon enough.


  1. Tadhana by Up Dharma Down

This is one of the three OPM songs that I like to listen to. I like the song because the sound is unique, it’s not like all other OPM songs that has this sort of rock-ish vibe to it. This one is a grunge-y, mellow type of music and it’s good for listening during the sweater weather, rain or snow.


  1. Just the Way You Are by Jae Park

Aahh Jae Park, his voice is gold. This is my last but not the least fave song mainly because I like the singer. I’ve been following his band, Day6, during the end of the year and I wasn’t ever disappointed in a song where he is featured. I like this cover of his because you can really hear the boldness of his voice, sort of like Jason Mraz, and how he’s not scared to sing high ranges when he wants to. He’s definitely a sweg singer.


Again if you’re not able to find these songs you can check it out on my soundcloud account. It’s on my menu. ‘Til next time, toodles! 🙂


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