Random Facts About Me

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something like this. Two years to be exact. I want to make this article because I think I’ve changed a lot during the course of two years and I want those people who know me on what I appear to be here in the social media, know who I really am. Also, this is a way of showing those who knew me, an evolved me, far different from the 19 year old person I was…

Phobias – I’m scared of bugs basically any kind of bugs gives me the creeps. They don’t call it creepy crawlies if it doesn’t creep you out now don’t it?

Friends – No new friends, no new friends, no new friends no, no, no. xD JK! Ofc I have new ones, and old ones as well.

Occupation – Right now I work as a research interviewer. I wouldn’t call it a career though it’s more of a part time job.

Dream Job – Oh definitely a celebrity. Who doesn’t?

Dream house – Honestly, my dream house isn’t that grand. I’d like a tiny house near the beach or on top of a mountain.

Favorite television program – Of all time? Definitely How I Met Your Mother hands down.

What languages do you speak – Hiligaynon, Tagalog, English, Japanese, Korean, French

Where were you born – Iloilo City

What Country are you from – I’m from the Philippines, Mabuhay!

What hospital were you born in – Mission Hospital

Religion – Protestant, Christianity

Favorite things – My phone, Laptop, Instax Mini 8, Headphones, Lip balm

What model Phone – Iphone 5

What network are you on – Rogers

Do you have Children – No

What do you like to do – I like to do a lot of things – singing, dancing, blogging, writing songs and articles, drawing, playing piano and guitar,   etc.

What hours do you work – 5-9:30pm twice a week

How old are you – 21

What inspired you to choose your career – I like to give people advices and I want to help people. I also have an interest in business.

Lifelong dream – To be happy

Relationship status – Single

Favourite website – Instagram

Do you play sports – Table tennis

What do you do in your spare time – I do a lot of multitasking. For example listening to music while making an article, watching Youtube videos while chatting online, etc.

Do you vote in general elections – I never had an experience in voting even in the Philippines. I can’t vote here because I’m not a citizen yet.

What Football club are you a fan of – Manchester United

Favourite sport to watch – Soccer

Worst lesson at school – Finance, ugh.

Best Lesson at school – How to succeed in college, seriously.

Have you ever appeared on TV – Yes

What is your hidden talent – I can crack my wrist, shoulders and toes without hurting. I can move my veins like it’s a snake. I’m weird yes.

Are you a loving person – Yes

Are you caring – Yes

Childhood – My childhood was awesome

School you used to go – Central Philippine University

Favourite number – Seven

What kind of music do you like – I like a lot of genres. Classic, acoustic, punk rock, kpop, jpop, R&B, HipHop, EDM.

Do you like traveling – I used to, not so much now.

Have you ever been abroad – Does living in Canada count? If so, then yes.

Best think you have experienced – When I went to Canada for the first time. It sparked a lot of experiences and turning points in my life

Who is the kindest family member – My baby brother

Who is the meanest family member – My mother, but all mothers are mean sometimes I guess. Hehe. I love my mom though.

Do you have gadgets – Yup

Date of birth – 03/19/1993

Are you clever – Yes I think so

Favourite Simpsons person – Lisa

Worst Simpsons person – The pedophile old guy

Role Model – My grandmother

Who is the most beautiful person you have met – Sarah Geronimo

You are on a desert island you can only take one thing what would you take – My phone

Describe yourself – I may look demure and sweet at times but I’m mostly badass.


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