Thank You 2014

It seems pretty cliché to make a NYR article. So I thought that instead of making a new year’s resolution, I’d make a year end thanksgiving article. This year, to be honest, has been very good to me. That’s why from the bottom of my heart I thank The Lord for this year. Unlike the last two years, 2012 and 2013 it was like I was in hell. I always tried to keep a straight face, tried to smile through it all and never told anyone I know (even people I knew back home) but at those times it was like walking on a sea of fire. And instead of asking help or opening up my problems, I shut out everyone who were trying to help me, bottled all my troubles up and dispersed my frustrations towards my family. I’m just thankful my friends respected my decisions and my family stood by me in those tragic moments. It made not only me, but my family stronger. I realized though, that if I haven’t gone through so much, I wouldn’t be where I am now. So even though if I will go through the fire again, I would already know what it’s like and from there be courageous enough to find a way again towards the light. So here’s my 2014 in gratitude:


New year, new start. I thank God for letting me start working at the same time going to school. This was a trial and error decision to see if I can multitask by being a working student. Though it was a rough start, I gained a lot from that experience.


Ah, month of love. I’m thankful that I mostly spent my time with my family during this month. We went to different places, Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto Zoo and roamed around the city.

858515_10202994559362305_1909642083_o 1559537_10202994478360280_2019377294_o 1617411_10202994535881718_1238061190_o 1658660_10202994560602336_514398720_o 1939759_10202994459639812_1386206419_o1601982_10202994529721564_1702947853_o1655476_10202994578042772_1853292825_o1909142_10202994472560135_1433133960_o1939947_10202994645964470_1516289676_o1956715_10202994634084173_1643341439_o


My birth month. It was pretty awesome and there were a lot of firsts for my birthday month celebration. Went to my first house party, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, had an epic Birthday celebration with my family and newfound friends, and I went to a Demi Lovato concert! So I’m thankful that it was epic.

 1499493_10203209286290344_1122124726_n 1514160_10203199460204698_541094591_n 10012360_10203184253104530_1338791217_o 10149680_10203213254309542_916443764_o 1058033_10203242012188471_2108183393_o 10148167_10203241616338575_1791946730_o 10149586_10203241618858638_853615798_o 10150363_10203241872064968_167899827_o


This was a huge turn of events for me. I had my first panic attack. It was a very memorable experience because it was the start of my anxiety problem. I guess my heart problem never fully recovered. I still have panic attacks but in rarity, it only gets triggered when I drink too much coffee. That’s why I became a tea lover because it’s less strong in caffeine. But I’m thankful for the experience because it made me become more cautious in what I should do with my life because it was really a near death experience.



Went to the High Park and saw Cherry Blossoms bloom for the first time! It was a very splendid afternoon with the family. We had picnic and walked around the whole park. We also went on an escapade to a lake resort to have fun and chill. This month was also the first time I got fired. HAHA. Yeah I got fired because, well, sometimes people just have to let you go. Thankful to God for the experience still because now I know I don’t have to slack off during work and that I was able to see cherry blossoms up close! It has been my childhood dream as an anime lover.

 10276514_10203618968332139_1899849534_n 10357835_10203618992212736_239538352_n 10364511_10203618982412491_86127301_n 10370577_10203618952691748_864345533_n 10388352_10203618955691823_382486705_n



Roamed around the province with my bro and family. We saw a real life castle, went to Etobicoke (which is basically the next town from the city and thus it was pretty far) to eat crepes, went bowling and the family got invited to a day on the Lake House by our family friend. I tried fishing for the first time! Also, PARAMORE + FALL OUT BOY! Not much to say about that because of course it was an EPIC outside concert! Grateful to have had many memories during this month.

      10437104_10203765658999314_494263796_n  10449263_10203765666279496_606308700_o  10487833_10203883881634806_1399952756_n 10505973_10203882937451202_1965020770_o 10362878_10203883888074967_1472527496_o 10467503_10203883886794935_1027140399_o10473903_10203883885514903_558740675_o10506147_10203913240608762_2130207411_o


It was my first time to go hiking and it was at Bluffer’s park, the family also went to Woodbine Beach Park and we saw a lot of interesting festivities there. There wasn’t much to do that time though because it was the start of summer and I was very lazy to do anything haha. But I got officially enrolled in college during this month! So it’s very memorable. Thankful for it.

 10531019_10204049405812807_578369410_o 10545246_10204043068774385_1820180359_o 10494080_10204044509530403_976918325_o 10503844_10203960349826463_939239706_o


Finally we had the summer getaway we longed for – we went to a waterpark! It was like Splash Island back in Manila all over again. Though it’s very different when you’re an adult because the hibbyjeebeez are scarier! Hahaha! Nonetheless, I’m thankful for the fun we all had. We also went to our first ever Barbeque Fair. Gosh just hearing the phrase makes my mouth water in reminiscing those back ribs at the fair. Nomnom. Oh and my best friend came to the city and we went to Centre Island! WHAT UP. My mom, my bro and I also went around the city and ate at this well-known authentic Filipino restaurant at the heart of the city. I also started my summer job for a contract of 3 months at this high end research center. Whoa. Honestly it was the best job I ever had so far. This month was awesome and I’m so grateful for that.

 10497841_10204194473079398_3111982571687635799_o 1911216_10204194474319429_7739676200684255279_o 10497193_10204194493319904_1096876590297622211_o 10460661_10204194481039597_1308413338714731016_o 10582945_10204194470119324_8476335964824191090_o  10441311_10204387547906148_8196230885338813566_n10354138_10204388460608965_8997322818356972041_n 10382818_10204388315285332_8053180491670261925_n1973204_10204400885799587_1350482944188636151_o1039887_10204400899759936_2676642866717901427_o10391421_10204400932520755_8867365857701134000_n     10479669_10204400884439553_1055342655925056419_o 10495307_10204400900119945_8031746700091880864_o 10528352_10204400897279874_9061826895522957355_o 10712886_10204627617787745_167877276796775438_n10573342_10204202458719034_1169963954_n 10581330_10204202375636957_324696088_n 10370903_10204202497840012_7233258149592350754_n10587958_10204202466679233_1513389172_o 10590778_10204202461959115_804797026_o 10597221_10204202383397151_2046175402_o  10408980_10204280629593257_2437067417568220579_n


School started of course so there’s nothing much to say about that. Well, maybe just the first time that I argued my teacher about my grades and I won his respect I guess haha. It was a memorable thing for me because it was the first time I ever stood up for myself about something. Usually I just let things pass by because I don’t want any trouble. But sometimes we just have to voice our opinions, and I’m grateful for that experience and for my teacher for being a sport about it as well.


This month was academically related as well. I had my first ever “F” and “Disciplinary action”. BUT I was able to waver it because, well, I argued another teacher again. Yes friends, I’m a debater here when it comes to my credibility. All the more because it was my English class and it’s my forte. I was frustrated because I was accused of something that I never intended to happen (always the misunderstood girl of course, duh). But with clear evidence, sheer determination and persuasion, I got my teacher’s confidence and got good grades in the end. God, I really thank You for this experience and for this teacher too for being a good sport.


I finished my contract at my favorite workplace but I was given by God a new one just after a week! Also, because of my new workplace I have the opportunity to roam around the heart of downtown and see sights.  Ever grateful for that blessing.

 1503235_10204985563656168_8840105809604605697_n 10374476_10204985543615667_5100153074655087801_n 10384024_10204993262728640_1064508848767467178_n


Thank God this December was splendid! It was just a typical one but I’m very grateful that the whole December was basically our holiday vacation at school. So it was a whole month of festivities! It started with our finals for the first semester and the next week the family decided to go around the city and ice skate. Then the week after that my mom and I visited the Christmas Village at downtown Toronto, it was magical. To end the epic year I had, we celebrated a New Year’s Countdown in our church!

EditedFamily IMG_3823 IMG_3824 IMG_3838 IMG_3844 IMG_3853 IMG_3857 IMG_3858 IMG_3875 IMG_3884 IMG_3893 IMG_3910 IMG_3918 IMG_3930 IMG_3931 IMG_3934 IMG_3938 IMG_3952 IMG_3955 DSC03688 DSC03704 DSC03714 DSC03719 IMG_3965 IMG_3974

So here’s to my 2014! Thank You Lord for everything this past year, for the good and the bad. As I look forward to 2015 I will forever be grateful for Your undying love to not only me, but to us, your children.

2015, BRING IT ON! 😀


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