Teenage Craze: The Fashionista Times

I noticed I’ve been playing a lot of fashion games lately. I don’t know what is the exact cause that sparked my fashionista sense again but I think maybe I’m just inspired by how summer brought back my tastes of clothing. Thank God for Summer!

Growing up I never did imagine myself to be enthused by dressing up like my little girl classmates. I remember clearly how I loathed being dressed up by my mom because I didn’t want my armpits, knees or belly button to be seen. Yes, I was pretty self-conscious and conservative even as a young girl. Nevertheless, I’m still a girl and of course who wouldn’t want to dress up their baby at some point right? All the while I thought I’ll never be able to love dressing up and taking pictures until I saw this photo…


Then it dawned on me – I may be a fashionista after all.

I saw this pic when I was browsing through our old photographs so I can make a slideshow out of it for my 18th Birthday speech. This gave me an idea of doing a photoshoot which features sides of my personality and the kind of persons I dream of becoming. I called it Wonderland. And so we did my very first official photo shoot for my debut. At that time I was avid tumblr user so I also tried to mix up my outfits and designs so my photo shoot would look tumblr-ish. Thankfully, it was a success! My looks consisted of youth, vintage, beauty queen, princess, successful, conservative religious, hipster nerd, elegant, country star and diva. I was also heavily influenced by America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway that time.


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The next photo shoot that I did stemmed out from my enthusiasm about designing and modelling. All of the clothes were mine and I styled it the way I wanted to – much like those project runway people, however I ended up modelling as well. Lol. It was kind of a weird phase for me because instead of studying for Medical-Surgical in Nursing, I was doing these shenanigans. Nevertheless, the shoot was fun and memorable and I made new friends and bonded with my tight ones. Miss them, sigh.

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Succeeding my first ever photoshoot collaboration are two photoshoots of me now trying to be the one behind the camera and being the make up artist/ designer. With much help with my friends of course (yet again, sigh, I miss them). I think I did good for a beginner.

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I didn’t just do random photoshoots, I also worked and got featured in school and city events such as these pictures that I will be sharing. First I had a small gig as a make-up artist for a commercial project, then I was asked to also be a make up artist and be the model for the school orientation video, and lastly was an entrepreneurial inspiring video that was launched in Youtube.  And all the while I was doing this I was thinking, “Why the heck did I take up Nursing?” Lmao.

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The following pictures are just random days where I decided to feel good about myself and also celebrate occasions with friends and family. As Coco Chanel did say, a lady should always look cute and decent wherever she goes. I think that’s the line, I’m not sure. Anyway…

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Before I went to Canada, just for a vacation, I decided to have a garage sale of all my used clothes, and yes, including some of my favorites but were already old. In my previous slideshow you can see there some of the clothes that I featured were also the clothes that I was selling. Some of the clothes I were selling were pretty formal and costume-y because I was an avid performer as well. But I need not use them I guess in Canada, so I decided to use those dresses for an impromptu cosplay. Did I mention I was also an Otaku? Haha, I know I was pretty ambitious.

In the end, what was just a vacation supposedly, ended up with me staying here permanently. Even until here I still brought the fashionista craze with me. Until I turned 20, then I felt that I needed to tone it down a bit. The last photo shoot that I had was Spring 2013, last year. Here it is…

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Though as funny as it sounds that I did this shoot with my bro, I tried as much to make it seem fun, but it didn’t feel the same. Since then, I felt like my style and choice of clothing were evolving as I was changing into a mature person. I guess the fashionista in me grew as well. Maybe the fashionista hype was just during peak teenage years. I really do not know. All I know is fashion is evolution. The way you express yourself, at whatever age you may be, that is fashion.


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